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Brian Giles Trial Heads To Jury

Its day three in a Cambria County Homicide Trial that will soon be in the jury’s hands.

The testimonies are over in the case with prosecutors alleging Brian Giles killed his wife.

Johnstown Police Detective Sergeant Cory Adams said in part

Quote “The only consistencies in this entire investigation is Brian’s inconsistencies.”

Prosecutors showed those inconsistencies through several letters Giles allegedly wrote and interviews he did.

They say he changed descriptions of people where he was when Nancy disappeared and when the last time he saw his wife several times through the last over 5 years.

The Defense arguing that’s the only evidence Prosecutors have with a lack of DNA trace evidence or any surveillance video of Giles committing the crime.

The defense says because of that the Commonwealth has not met its burden of proof after resting its case Today.

Closing arguments will begin Tomorrow Morning before deliberation from the jury.

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