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Breezewood Hardees Fire

A fire destroyed the Hardee’s restaurant in Breezewood this weekend. This was the scene on Lincoln Highway Saturday afternoon near the I-70 interchange. Crews on scene told us the broiler caught fire. and went through the ventilation equipment out of the roof.

Several hours after that, putting up hot spots. The building’s owner told the Breezewood fire chief that a ventilation fan was running without the proper cover being in place.

“There’s a lot of ventilation equipment on the roof, so we had to be very careful of that coming down on our guys.

And we were we were living in manpower initially. We had some manpower arrived on scene, but by that point it was through the ductwork and through the ceiling and roof and that itself. So it was game on from there.”

One driver was backed up in the area as well as lanes were closed along Lincoln Highway to allow crews battle the blaze.


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