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Bedford County Dog Rescue Update

The shelter manager here at the Bedford County Humane Society says that all of the dogs that were rescued from house on Old Route 220 on New Year’s Eve have been cleaned and groomed and that they are still in the process of
scheduling vet appointments. She says the dogs look better now than they probably ever have before.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, ninety dogs and eight cats were found to be living inside of the home. The report says the dogs were ‘living in cages stacked from floor to ceiling’ and were covered in ‘feces and urine.’
She says that a lot of them have skin issues from this.

“We’ve had several groomers in here, they’ve been groomed, they’ve had their nails clipped, their ears cleaned, so i’m sure they feel like new dogs right now, they certainly look like new dogs.”

Ramsey says they are so grateful for all of the help from the community. They have received so many donations and have a full storage pod filled with food that was donated.

“The public has been wonderful, everyday we have volunteers come in, yesterday was probably about 100, today was probably 50-75 here, they help clean cages, they help walk dogs, they jump right in.”

She says that other shelters in the area with more room available have taken some of the dogs. They are still overcrowded, but she says it’s getting more manageable.

“We still have a lot left, but we’re getting there.”

The Humane Society says that you can help by donating and volunteering or by adopting one of the dogs that they have available

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