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Northern Cambria Animal Abuse

We have a developing story tonight surrounding multiple recent cases of dogs being mistreated coming from the Northern Cambria County area.

Northern Cambria Borough Police Chief Derek Stitt says someone was cleaning out the basement of Devon Imler and Sara Galla’s 38th Street home when they came across a bad smell.

Investigators say they found a dog with its throat slit and quote you could tell it had been there for a while.

Charges of neglect cruelty and aggravated cruelty of animals are now filed against Imler and Galla according to officials.

They say a warrant is also out for their arrest but they have not yet been taken into custody.

Yesterday a video of another dog getting hundreds of reactions on Facebook with a German Shepard outside and looking very skinny.

Police say today the owner of that dog did surrender custody as the Indiana County Humane Society took the dog to its kennel.

Authorities say they are waiting for the dog to get checked by a vet before filing charges in that case.

Officials say if you think a dog is being neglected you should reach out to local law enforcement.

“If you suspect that an animal is being neglected or abused your first steps should be contacting the local police department. They in turn will contact the humane society or animal control, whatever area you’re in. There’s also a lot of departments have Facebook.
You can send an anonymous tip if you want through Facebook. Send a picture, give them a location, whatever details you can provide to help.”

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