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Bedford County Courthouse Security Upgrades

Bedford County Court Officials say they would rather be safe than sorry after completing the installation of new security measures at the Courthouse. They told us how this will further ensure people’s safety and how the public is reacting.

This is the new security system that Bedford County Officials say people must go through, before entering their Courthouse. They say things have gone smoothly so far. Alex Delia saying: “Fortunately, we haven’t had anything too major that has occurred at this courthouse, but we want to keep it that way.” Bedford County Director Of Emergency Services, Alex Delia says the security upgrades at the courthouse have now become more necessary than ever. Delia saying: “We’re recognizing nationally that violence, domestic violence extremism has grown exponentially. We’re seeing, you know, your active shooter cases. There was one over the Fourth of July weekend in Philadelphia, for instance.”

Let’s not forget the threats that have been made towards the Bedford County Courthouse, including in January when Police say Luke Bartholow of Schellsburg threatened to kill everyone in the Courthouse with an explosion, and quote: “Eat the Sheriff.”

Delia says things like this are one of the few reasons for the upgrades. He says it has been in the minds of Leaders for a long time. Delia saying: “The courthouse, over the last year, has decided to upgrade security, to ensure we protect our staff, as well as all of the members of the public coming to visit.” Safety measures include people only being able to enter through one door, as well as a walkthrough metal detector, and x-ray machine. Delia also says they require people to check in any weapons they have. He says security personnel will hold those weapons until the owner leaves.

Officials say the added measures add about 1 minute of extra time to your visit, but stand by their word, saying safety is worth the hassle. Delia, in closing: “I think the best way to sum it up is that you know it’s working if nothing happens.”

Officials say feedback from the public has been mostly understanding.

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