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The potential closure of a local elementary school is discussed by board members sparking outrage among people attending a meeting held in opposition.

Our Stoker Wyzorek was at that meeting and explains what people say they’re doing to protest.

Concerned residents and community members coming together in Jackson Township, after hearing about the possibility of the nearby elementary school closing.

They say their mission is to let district board members know why they say doing this is not a good idea.

“They want to close the school. That’s the end result, but they want to do it in increments.”

This follows an overestimation on the taxable real estate at the Competitive Power Ventures Fairview Power Plant, in Jackson Township.

Officials say the district collected taxes from the power plant based on that estimate and due to its over evaluation the district now owes the plant almost $4 million dollars over the next nine years.

They say this is why they’re looking at the possibility of closing the Jackson Township Elementary. It’s one of two elementary schools in the district.

Since then a committee has been formed, with residents voicing their frustrations on Tuesday.

“If it comes down to whether or not I’m going to sacrifice my school or to keep your job, I’m going to keep the school. I think that’s where the priority needs to be is what’s best for the community, not for the employees.”

Committee chairman, Carl Phillips and others Cite a number of reasons they want to see the school remain open including an expected decrease in real estate value, increased gas prices for transportation, and the mental effects on children

“To be honest, if Jackson closes, I really think we’ll pull all of our kids from school.”

“We’re going to lose a large, huge amount of investment money, if that school closes.”

“What I’m saying here is that it’s nice to keep them here for the years we can.”

The district’s board was presented a petition at another meeting with more than 500 signatures from people urging them to keep Jackson Elementary open.

People attending Tuesday Night’s committee meeting say they feel the change is short notice, and say they will continue pushing to keep the school open.

“What we need to do is to go to every school board meeting; not only, go to every school board member, before the meeting, and tell them what we think.”

The public school board meeting will take place on April 29th in the Central Cambria High School Auditorium.

School board members say that will discuss a feasibility study to determine budgetary projections which will be available to the public on April 8th.

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