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Large Claysburg Lumber Fire

The massive lumber yard fire that broke out last night is still burning Monday.

It’s the U.S, Lumber location in Claysburg and officials telling us that they are going to have to let the fire burn out because of how big it is.

Reporter Zac Kaye joins us live at the scene with more. Zac what are you seeing at the moment?

Chantelle, the Fire Chief from the Claysburg Volunteer Fire Company says that right now they are unable to get to the source of the fire. He says it will burn for a couple of days,

And then they will go with the State Police Fire Marshal to try and find what caused it.

Fire Chief Scott Eicher says that dozens of fire companies from Blair, Bedford, and Cambria County responded to the U.S. Lumber facility in Claysburg. Officials say the fire started around 10 Pm On Monday Night.

They say there were workers inside at the time, but that all of them made it out safely and there were no injuries.

Eicher says that they used millions of gallons of water trying to fight this fire and that the Water Authority actually put a restriction on the town. He says the air quality is also an issue,

And asks that anyone in the area with breathing issues keep their doors and windows closed.

And because of this fire, Greenfield Township residents are being asked to conserve water over the next few days

An official with the Greenfield Township Municipal Authority said in a statement in part

“Due to the structure fire in Claysburg we are asking residents to please conserve water for the next 72 hours while our water tank level is able to refill”


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