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Westmoreland County Business Owner Shot And Killed

Authorities in Westmoreland County say the owner of a Pennsylvania eatery was reportedly shot and killed outside his own restaurant Thursday morning in Lower Burrell.

Investigators say just after 9 a.m., the owner of Mogie’s Pub, David Magill, was shot outside his business and later died while en route to the hospital.

Officials say a nearby patrolman reportedly heard the gunshots and found Magill with a gunshot wound to his torso.

Authorities say just minutes after the shooting occurred, 45-year-old Nathan Salem, of Lower Burrell, reportedly entered the Lower Burrell City Hall and told officials that he was involved in the shooting.

Investigators say when they questioned Salem, he allegedly admitted to having two guns in his truck, both of which contained “expanding rounds” that have the ability to penetrate a ballistic vest.

Police say multiple bullet holes were discovered in the side of Magill’s truck and driver side door, as well as one round that “pierced” a window of the restaurant.

Authorities say Salem then admitted to shooting Magill and he was taken into custody and charged with criminal homicide.


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