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Westmont School District Committee Meeting

At the committee meeting held at Westmont Hilltop High School many parents asked for the school board members to quote do better.

However, the President of the school board Robert Gleason says

“You know, I think we’re doing a great job as far as security is concerned.”

Gleason says he and six other members of the school board have children in the district and

“I think that everybody here is really focused on security.”

But many parents at the committee meeting disagreed including James Cinko the father of two children in the Westmont Hilltop School District

“Its not right.”

“The meeting didn’t go nearly as what I thought it was going to go. They did not touch any subject of what happened, and you know once again were left in the dark.”

“As far as securities concerns, we really can’t talk about security, we’ve never been able to talk about security, I’m very comfortable with our security.”

Gleason says anything that has to do with security concerns…

“Was turned over to the district attorney and I just suggest that, you know, I’ve said to the people here, I would say to you; you have to talk to him.”

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