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Westmont Hilltop Students Back To School Thursday

Students at Westmont Hilltop School District returned back to the classroom on a two hour delay this morning for the first time in 2 days. And Tomorrow they’ll resume school as normal.

The closures follow a threat that was made towards the district earlier this week but no arrests have been made so far.

Thursday Morning Westmont Hilltop students went back to school after staying home Tuesday & Wednesday ..

After a note was discovered Monday on the outside of the Junior/Senior High School making a threat towards the district.

“While the threat wasn’t specifically naming certain individuals or a specific time that the incident would occur, it was specific in the nature of what they intended on doing, which was very concerning and alarming.”

Chief Blake says ten police officers were spread throughout the district buildings

Between the Upper Yoder Township & West Hills Regional Police Departments and Cambria County DA’s office

“The students were probably safer today than they’ve ever been, any other day they’ve attended school.”

Chief Blake says the police were also present to get information from students who might know something.

“We were hoping that maybe once the students were back in a normal atmosphere and could see that they were safe that maybe someone would come forward with additional information that would help the investigation.”

While no arrests have been made Chief bBake says law enforcement is still sorting through their suspect list

Interviewing possible suspects then either eliminating them or moving forward with their investigation.

Chief Blake says the evidence they’ve already collected is currently on a sit and wait timeline.

The DNA evidence they’ve submitted usually takes six months to come back and while they put a rush on it it will still take about sixty days.

Fingerprint evidence handwriting analysis and executing search warrants will also take some time.

“With the evidence submission the way it stands right now it’s going to take some time before any of that is returned to us with any sort of result whatsoever.”

Chief Blake tells us there will be at least 5 additional police officers in school Tomorrow but they’re still planning on how they’ll move forward with security next week and beyond that.

But in the meantime they’re relying on students or anyone with information to come forward.

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