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Way 2 Go Cards

It’s been almost a year now since the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services rolled out their new Way2Go debit cards on which child support payments are loaded.

Way2Go cards are debit cards on which child support payments are loaded. The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, or the DHS, has been distributing them since June 2022 but many people are only just getting them in the mail.

“The Way2Go card replaces the Pennsylvania EppiCard, That was the debit card that was provided by the state to use for child support payments. So, when a child support payment was made it was placed on the EPPI card if the recipient of the child support did not have a direct deposit account.”

“As EPPICards expire they are replaced with a Way2Go card. In an effort to expedite the transition, new Way2Go Cards are also being mailed to remaining EPPICard holders at a rate of about 26,000 per month. The effort of replacing non-expiring cards began in February 2023 and we expect to finish the transition in July 2023. Clients can use their EPPICard until they receive their new Way2Go Card.”

The DHS also told us that the replacement was made because Way2Go cards offer better fraud prevention features and grant easy access to account information through an app but some fees are attached.

“There are some fees if you would want to get cash at an ATM in network and out of network, the fee is the same, If you do a balance enquiry there’s a minor fee, customer service is a minor fee and if you have to replace the card there is a minor fee.”

For more information about Way2Go cards contact your local child support office.

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