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Veteran Outreach Program

The Veterans Outreach Program held at the Windber VFW Post 4795 along Graham Avenue on Tuesday morning was the first of its kind.

About a dozen groups and organizations dedicated to helping veterans were there making their services known.

“We have any organizations that can help veterans in some manner. We have them out there coming to events like this,”

Those services include suicide prevention, job opportunities, and potential benefits for veterans, spouses, and family members, among many others.

“In the community, we feel that outreach is important and comradery because a lot of times, things are available to them that they are unaware of,”

If you’re a veteran or a family member who couldn’t make it, contact Veteran Community Initiatives at (814) 255-0355.

“If they have any problems or any situations, they can call any one of these people and get help, or they will point them in the right direction,”

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