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Update On Cats Rescued From House

A severe cat hoarding case in our region where Humane Society officials say 59 cats were found in a single house.

The Cambria County Humane Society says they found out about cats being hoarded in a local home, on Friday.

They say all 59 cats were finally taken out of the house on Monday.

This little furball is one of 59 cats that officials from the Humane Society of Cambria County say were discovered in a local home, in extreme conditions.

“It’s very saddening. It’s overwhelming. It came on quick. By Friday, to Monday, we had a game plan in place.”

Officials say they suspect the cats were abandoned, by the time they were found, with dirty, matted, and missing fur.

“We were prepared to go in there and be completely blindsided as well. Anytime, in these type of situations, where the word hoarding is used, you have to be prepared for any amount.”

People, who weren’t willing to go on camera, stopped by throughout the day, donating cat food and supplies, after they say they heard from the Humane Society. They say the situation disgusts them, and say they’re in disbelief.

Humane Society officials say they are grateful for everyone who helped, including the Central P.A. Humane Society, and the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh.

“I think with some love, care, and affection, I think they’ll all come around.”

I reached out to the Cambria County District Attorney’s office, for further details. They have not yet responded.

Whited told me there is an active investigation into this and no other details are being released at this time.


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