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U.S. Route 22 Traffic Delays

And the conditions on Route 22 in Cambria County got so bad, drivers were stuck on the road for hours.

Stoker Wieczorek spoke with several of them about what they saw.

First responders say to not go out driving unless you absolutely have to.

You can see here the rain and snow creating a slippery and slushy mixture.

“So I don’t have any alternative, but to just sit and wait.”

Stormy winter weather in our region, leading emergency officials to send alerts to people in Cambria County.

These further being justified by multiple vehicle accidents reported in our coverage area.

Cambria County EMA Director, Art Martynuska, says roads are now open but traffic is still taking a hit.

People who say they got stuck on U.S. Route 22 sent me these images.

Charles Hutchinson, driving on U.S. 22 Says they were at a standstill for 5 hours, movement starting at around 2 p.m.

“We’ve had people try, and get around us. The Cresson Fire Department is about the only people who have been here, trying to organize or get something moving. We haven’t seen cops. We haven’t seen plows.
We haven’t seen anything.”

As of 3:30 Tuesday Afternoon one woman says they were still in this traffic jam, near Ebensburg.

“I’ve been stuck on here since about 10:30 this morning. Just on my way to work, and I’ve been sitting here for almost 4 hours. And I have to use the restroom, so I don’t know what i’m going to do.”

Emergency officials say the slippery roads pose a hazard to crews responding as well

And that staying off the road is by far the “best” thing you can do right now.


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