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Towne Manor Motel Update

The Towne Manor Motel in Johnstown is officially locked and empty just days after City Officials decided to close the building due to poor living conditions. A bright yellow legal notice was posted on the doors of the Towne Manor Motel last Monday — giving Residents just 48 hours to find another living situation. Those Residents had all of their belongs packed up by Friday afternoon and Cambria County Officials were there guiding them to their next location.

Tracy Selak, the Administrator for Cambria County Behavioral Health, Intellectual Disabilities and Early Intervention saying this was: “Due to the City finding some major issues at the Towne Manor.” Tracy Selak says she and other County Officials were asked to assist the Residents of the Towne Manor Motel in finding other living arrangements to ensure they stay out of the cold. Selak adding: “We have assisted twelve individuals to relocate. There was a few that made other arrangements.”

Selak says they have made arrangements for the Residents of the Towne Manor Motel to stay in other local hotels. Selak adding: “That will be temporary.” And for the Residents who have made other arrangements, Selak says County Officials plan to follow up with them because they’re not certain if they’ve found permanent living situations. Selak also says County Officials are also connecting them with a Case Management Service that will help them find safe secure permanent housing. Selak saying: “We need to realize, for these people I mean we call it a Motel, it has been their home.” Selak says she was a part of the team that developed the plan for the Martha Mary House, which is one of the only homeless shelters in the Johnstown area.

Ronald Gramling, a Resident of Dale saying: “This is Johnstown, Pennsylvania. We’re supposed to take care of each other.” Gramling says he thinks more needs to be done for anyone in the area without a place to live. Gramling adding: “You got to get these people into these houses, period. You know, get them off the streets.”

Meanwhile, Selak says she’s been discussing with City Officials the possibility of bringing more homeless shelters to Johnstown.

We’ve reached out to the Owners of the Towne Manor Motel for comment and have not heard back.

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