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Thomas Pre-Trial Hearing

Another pre-trial hearing was held Tuesday in Somerset County in the sexual assault case against suspended Somerset County District Attorney Jeff Thomas.

Thomas, who is scheduled to go to trial early next year, is accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside her Windber-area home in September of last year.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the judge denied the defense’s request to have the two monitors removed, one of which tracks his movement and the other is used to detect alcohol.

His defense argued that the use of the monitors restricts Thomas’ ability to find other employment, but both the judge and the Attorney General’s office disagreed.

Thomas’ defense also filed a motion to allow the examination of hundreds of text messages, some of them redacted, which were obtained through the AG’s investigation.

The judge sided with the defense in allowing them to review the messages, however, Thomas is prohibited from taking part in the review.

Thomas’ jury trial is scheduled to begin on Jan. 9th.

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