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Teachers Wishlist

Mrs. Birkhimer has been teaching little ones at Windber Area Elementary School for almost 30 years.

She’s put a lot of her own money back into her classroom out of the goodness of her heart.

“I add items to my Walmart order or my grocery list. I always just did. Even just food items: cookies, treats, and things like that,”

This is Mrs. Birkhimer’s first year getting help from the community for those purchases.

She signed up for an Amazon Wish List which teachers can use like a registry where people can buy the items on a teacher’s wish list.

“These items on the Amazon Wish List are things that help to brighten up the student’s day. Just additional things that we normally wouldn’t ask our district to buy,”

The district provides the essentials that kids need to learn like pencils, paper, and curriculum items.

But Elementary Principal Charles Beckley says administrators are thankful that teachers can get something a little extra.

“We love the community, and the community has been very great to our teachers and our school district as a whole. The school district can provide all of the needs necessary for student achievement and growth here at our school district, but it’s always very nice for other people to supplement our education with some other things that the teachers wish,”

Friends, families, teachers, and students both current & former have been pitching in, buying Mrs. Birkhimer’s first graders extra books, stickers, arts supplies, and more.

“I was blown away by the amount of donations that I did receive. These are just the extra things. Extra books, extra arts supplies. Things to help really enhance our education and allow our students to enjoy being here,”

Giving back to the teachers who give so much to our children.

“I’ve never felt like I should ask for help or ask for assistance. I felt really blessed to have the Amazon Wish List and be able to do that,”

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