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Steeler Quarterback Switch

This past Sunday Pittsburgh fans every where rejoiced when Kenny Pickett took the field to start the second half

After the game Head Coach Mike Tomlin did not say whether or not the switch was permanent

And he still hasn’t answered the question fully but Tuesday, Tomlin did announce that the Quarterback change will stand as the Steelers head to Buffalo

Here is the official depth chart released by Pittsburgh this morning

Kenny Pickett is QB1, Mitch Trubisky is now the back-up and Mason Rudolph remains at the third string

Tomlin said that sometimes the QB’s get too much credit and take to much blame. Tomlin made sure to let everyone know that he was appreciative of Mitch Trubisky’s efforts

But as the Steelers look to snap a 3-game losing streak Tomlin has no reservations with Pickett

Tomlin said that throughout the draft process training camp and the season thus far Pickett has shown a level of maturity and has a pro-like demeanor

Tomlin added that Pickett is older than most rookies, Pickett is 24 which is actually older than Pat Freirmuth who’s in his second season

Ben Roethlisberger was 22 when he was drafted think about this 8 follows the number 7 meant to be

1-3 Steelers at the 3-1 Bills this Sunday at 1

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