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St Marys Closing Bennetts Valley Elementary School

The St. Marys Area School District school board voted in favor of closing the Bennetts Valley Elementary School.

The vote came earlier this evening with board members citing a need for fiscal responsibility over proposed budget constraints.

However. Parents and community members say they are against the closing.

The shutting of the school. Will force students to feed over to the nearby district which is Fox Township Elementary School.

This in turn will create hour long school bus commutes for some students and crowding in classrooms that parents say will be detrimental to their children.

“If your’e really ok with a child being on the bus for two hours a day and especially during the winter when I believe penndot just announced that um route 255 up berndale hill is the most dangerous route in elk county then you know close the school down with expediency. It’s very clear the school board doesn’t care about that.”

We’ll continue to follow this story as we learn more details moving forward.

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