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Southmont Jubilee Begins

A summer tradition in the Johnstown area kicked off for the 51st time on Tuesday. The event supports a local Volunteer Fire Department. The Southmont Volunteer Fire Company began its annual Jubilee Tuesday night in Cambria County and Officials say it plays a major role in funding the organization.

For 51 years, the Southmont Volunteer Fire Company Jubilee has been a Summer staple in the Johnstown area. Jim Dailey – Safety Officer, Southmont Volunteer Fire Company saying: “This is our biggest fundraiser we have for the year. And it’s a great time. Families come in, everybody looks forward to it every year. We just—everybody’s welcome to have a good time.”

While hundreds of visitors attend the Jubilee annually, Jim Dailey with the Volunteer Fire Company says most people don’t realize that it raises the majority of the organization’s budget. Dailey adding: “This is probably a good 80% of our funds that we need to operate every year. we have to pay for our fuel, insurance, even though we have a few small little cash things throughout the year, this is a big deal.”

Dailey says the money comes from ride tickets and the company kitchen, which sells food made by the Volunteer Fire Fighters. He says he’s always thankful for the crowds that visit the Jubilee each year, rain or shine. Dailey, in closing: “Despite the typical threat of rain, a few sprinkles, it does not scare people away. They’re out to have fun, this is their kickoff for the Summer. Kids are anxious, school’s ending, so this is their time to get out and enjoy.”

Dailey says visitors can expect to see a parade Thursday night, which will award trophies to the best-looking vehicles from several safety organizations in Cambria County.

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