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Second Teen In Westmont School Threat Makes Plea Deal

The second teen charged for his involvement in the foiled school shooting plot at Westmont Hilltop High School entered a plea Monday afternoon.

Preston Hinebaugh appeared in Cambria County court where he pleaded no contest to charges of criminal conspiracy, criminal trespass and illegal possession of a firearm by a minor.

Police allege that Hinebaugh, and his accomplice, Logan Pringle, had conducted surveillance at the school, as part of their plot, prior to their arrests in December of 2021.

Last June, the pair filed a motion to dismiss the case, arguing that they had been “unlawfully” detained due to “insufficient” evidence in the case.

Then in August, Pringle entered a no contest plea to charges of criminal conspiracy and making terroristic threats.

Hinebaugh’s father was also charged with evidence tampering in the case after police found multiple weapons at their residence.

Hinebaugh is scheduled to be sentenced on May 31st.

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