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SCI Houtzdale Inmate Facing New Charges

An inmate at SCI Houtzdale is facing new charges after authorities say he admitted to killing his cellmate earlier this year.

On Friday, police charged 34-year-old Derek Bullard with first-degree murder in the June 15th death of 79-year-old Roberto Quevada.

According to the affidavit, investigators say Bullard allegedly admitted to strangling Quevada and then wrapping his body up in a blanket and leaving him in his bunk.

Authorities say Bullard later told police that he was allegedly “hearing voices” and stated that the voices “told him that they would go away if he killed Quevada.”

Police say after the alleged murder, Bullard reportedly passed a note to one of the prison nurses that read, “I killed my cellie and swallowed razor blades, I need help!”

According to the autopsy report, Bullard reportedly strangled Quevada by putting him in a chokehold, authorities noted.

Reports indicate that Bullard had already been serving a 12 to 30 year sentence after being convicted of severely beating his 3-month-old son in Allentown in 2012.

Quevada had been housed at SCI Houtzdale, since January of 2009, after being convicted of raping a child in Montgomery County.

According to online court records, Bullard also faces charges of criminal homicide, strangulation and aggravated assault.

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