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Route 22 Hazmat Accident

Following the Hazmat crash on Route 22, roads are already open Eastbound with Westbound following suit any minute now.

The truck was carrying 40 thousand pounds of chemicals which ended up mixing and causing a reaction at the crash site.

Cleanup is continuing on Route 22 after a truck carrying 40 thousand pounds of chemicals crashed Monday night resulting in a road closure for more than 24 hours.

“Our information from the cleanup crew is that 22 Westbound will be open at 11pm soon. Eastbound is already open.”

According to Steve Kass from the Cambria County SHARP Hazmat Team the team responding to the incident The truck was hauling 8 different chemicals some in liquid and some in solid form. The majority of the spill included organic peroxide and perchloric acid which when mixed together to create a dangerous reaction that gives off smoke and intense heat. Which is exactly what happened during the crash.

In order to contain the spill, the hazmat team created a “containment pond” at the site of where the truck was overturned. Some of the other chemicals included ethanol and sodium dichromate – which are often found in cleaning agents.

While the spill is nearly contained, all residents were allowed to return to their homes.

“The wreck itself will be removed Wednesday morning. They have to get a company into for the truck and get it out of there. That’s going to happen Wednesday morning probably around 8am.” They’re going to upright the truck from Route 22 but then take it out to County Line Road.”

The Hazmat team urges the public to remain conscious as they’re uprighting the truck Wednesday morning.

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