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Rockwood Memorial Park

Rockwood Borough in Somerset County is home to over 150 active veterans.

That’s why one group has formed the ‘Rockwood Veterans and Community Park’ committee and decided to revamp an old demolished lot into a community park and veteran’s memorial in order to honor those who served.

Recently, the community donations for the park were matched by Heritage Coal, totaling over 30 thousand dollars. The committee took time to celebrate today over what’s been a plan in the making for the past 6 years and will now come to completion in October 2023.

The owners of Heritage Coal emphasize the purpose of the park.

“I think they’re a staple in the community I think this will be a gathering place. It means a lot to a lot of people and it’ll be here for generations to come. I think it’s really important to draw attention to those who’ve served our nation.”

Veterans make up almost 10 percent of the total population in Somerset County which is why community support is so important in our area.

“How can any of us repay what’s been sacrificed by the veterans? Those who gave their lives and those who were fortunate enough to come home. The trauma they’ve experienced. There’s no way a community or a country can ever be grateful enough or give enough gratitude for that sacrifice. This is just a small way of trying to keep what the veterans have done for this community in the face of the community in the front of the community for the next generations.”

You can support the park by purchasing a memorial brick by contacting the Rockwood Borough Office.

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