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Public Meeting Held On Status Of Nanty-Glo Clinic

Conemaugh Health leaders say work repairing structural issues at the Ebandjieff Clinic in Nanty Glo is underway, and they hope to have it finished later this year.

Conemaugh vice president of operations, Tony Campagna, says he saw a lot of people at a town hall meeting on Tuesday, in Nanty Glo. Locals say it was put together to discuss what would happen to the Conemaugh Ebandjieff clinic in town. “We discovered back in the January-February timeframe that there was some groundwater penetration into the foundation in the back of the building. It caused some of the things like plaster, and things like that, to start peeling off the wall.”

Conemaugh officials say that most of the community understood the conditions, and shared their ideas on how the recovery of the facility could be helped. One woman, who says she used the clinic frequently, said her patience is growing thin.

Officials say mold in the walls, and peeling of plaster stopped operations at the clinic, and made it unsafe for people to go inside. Conemaugh CEO Rodney Reider says an investigation into the cause and repair has been going on, and progress is being made. “I knew it was important. So the team went out and did some investigation, looked at what was possible, what wasn’t possible, and how soon we can, to be honest, get it back open. They’re just such good people out there that I want to make sure that we’re supporting them,”

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