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Public Comment Meeting At Central Cambria On Closing Elementary School

We have an update now on the public comment meeting held at Central Cambria High School Tonight.

Over 100 community members visited Central Cambria High School to voice their opinions on the potential elementary school consolidation.

Over a dozen visitors, from grandparents to elementary students, spoke at the event.

When faced with the decision between higher taxes or closing Jackson Township Elementary, nearly every speaker was in favor of the increased taxes.

Only two community members spoke in favor of consolidating

“I’m hopeful that this will happen and I think it is honestly a really good move for all of our students.”

Other community members brought up a number of points, saying that the 8 mile distance between the two elementary schools

“I don’t want the school to close. It think it’s a very important part of the community. Ive met a lot of people, my son has met a lot of people and a lot of friends, he’s learned a lot of things. Everything about the school has been excellent for me.”

A final decision will be made at the Central Cambria School District Board Meeting on May 13.

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