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Prospect Community Update

It was another move out day for some Prospect Community residents due to “structural issues”.

However, so many questions remain about those “structural issues” – even after the Prospect Community meeting with the Johnstown Housing Authority – that was held Wednesday morning.

“You’re not telling us something, you’re not telling us something,” said a Prospect Community resident. “Something aint being said.”

Michael Alberts, the Executive Director of the Johnstown Housing Authority said, “I’ll tell you what I know now and be happy to answer some general questions.”

The Johnstown Housing Authority met with Prospect Community residents Wednesday morning to discuss relocation plans and to address any confusion there may be about the overall situation.

“How this all started, we had an unfortunate incident where part of a ceiling fell on somebody, It was a big red flag to us so I precured a full structural inspection of the entire community.”

And through that investigation it was decided to vacate and relocate the entire Prospect Community which is made up of more than 100 families within a month.

“Our goal is to get everybody out in that 30 days. We’ll see what happens on day 31, By our count, were up to 62 families that have a landing spot. There are 101 living up here at this time so that means we got about 40 families that we still need to help.”

The Johnstown Housing Authority says they are paying all moving expenses and would even pay residents for moving themselves which is the last thing many residents want to do because many still do not want to leave.

“Man, I’m pissed off because I got to leave my home to go into a jail cell,”

“I suffer from P.T.S.D. This is where, this is my safe haven.”

Alberts expressed to the residents at the community meeting that their job isn’t done until everyone from the Prospect Community is relocated.

The next Johnstown Housing Authority board meeting is scheduled for march 28th and hopefully more of questions will be answered then.

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