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Prospect Community Update

The Prospect Community in Cambria County is a hot topic we’ve covered extensively, over the years.

Residents and leaders sharing concerns and questions at an informational meeting

Topics ranged from progress of the Prospect Community and its restoration

To concerns of how residents could navigate legal hurdles involving housing

“Yeah, everybody is anxious to get back, and of course the big question is when? And unfortunately I don’t have any days to share yet. But we can share that things are going smoothly. We haven’t had any major hiccups. We’re not expecting any delays. We’re right on track to where the contractors need to be.”

An informational session taking place in the community room of Prospect Housing.

Summit Legal Aid Director, Brian Gorman was there as well. He, along with attorney’s, offering services for people in the community who may be dealing with a criminal history, domestic and sexual violence, as well as financial security concerns.

“Let’s say for example, it’s a landlord and tenant issue. We can talk with the landlord, see if we can come to a meeting of the minds. If we can’t, or if it’s something that can’t be resolved, we may be able to represent them in court.”

Gorman says people who live in these types of communities like Prospect are the reason he is here. He says he is glad to see communities and housing leaders work together.

“Those are great signs. And it’s a good sign for Johnstown that they are paying close and direct attention to their public housing area.”

Stay with us as we continue to follow the progress of renovation work being done at prospect homes.


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