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Prospect Community Update

The 30 day mark for Prospect Community residents to pack up and get out is quickly approaching.

This weekend marks 30 days since the Johnstown Housing Authority sent out the notice to residents telling them they must vacate the community.

Many residents are either in the process of moving or have officially moved out.

“We just got our keys from Coopersdale today so,”

Kelley and his family have officially moved out of the Prospect Community Monday and says many of his neighbors have already moved.

“I know the first two weeks, there was a lot of trucks up there moving out fast,”

Kelley says moving out with a 30 day time frame is not easy.

“It’s hard to get other places. It’s hard to get Section 8, everybody’s filling them up,” said Kelley. “Families up here, there locating them to Coopersdale, Oakhurst, Solomon, some are in the towers they’re saying.”

So, Kelley got some help with his move to Coopersdale where he and his family have been relocated.

“I’m driving the truck for him, you know helping him get their stuff together, you know helping him get to his house and stuff, you know being a good Samaritan,”

King, like Kelley grew up in Johnstown and says what is happening to the Prospect Community just is not right.

“Displacing a hundred families is not easy, you know. How could you displace a hundred families just like that, If they knew this was coming, they should have gave more time than just a 30-day notice.”

Kelley says the U-Haul truck they are using to move to Coopersdale is being paid for by the Johnstown Housing Authority which he says is nice, but he still has some concerns.

“I mean if this can happen here, how do we know that it ain’t gonna happen in Coopersdale or Oakhurst or Solomon, You know, it scares me. I mean with special needs children and everything I mean who’s gonna move every couple months or a year?”

Kelley says he is currently looking for a house in case what happened to the Prospect Community happens to Coopersdale.

Channel 6 also reached out to Michael Alberts for an update about the whole situation Monday, but have not heard back.

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