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Preliminary Hearing Held In Somerset County

It happened on March 12th of this year, when a group of people reportedly went to a house on plank road to retrieve their belongings from an ex’s home.

The preliminary hearing for Cameron Cinko and Jermaine Cook was held today in Boswell.

Officials say the home belonged to Chris Jones and he was defending himself when he shot the defendant Cameron Cinko. Cinko faces assault and drug related charges, after police say they found suspected controlled substances in Cinko’s pants pocket.

Cook was also charged with assault, and was in court today. The other defendant, Cinko, nowhere to be found. The judge issuing a warrant for his arrest.

Jones and police both testified in the courtroom. The homeowner says he heard banging at his front door, seeing Cameron Cinko, his mother carol cinko, and Jermaine cook.

Jones says the assailant got out of a truck which the three visitors were allegedly using to put their belongings in. Cameron cinko then getting into a physical altercation with jones, him firing a bullet into Cinko’s chest.

“After the investigation concluded, looking at all of the evidence, It appears that Mr. Jones would be justified in defending himself, defending his rights. It’s where justification comes in here.”

Police testified that cook had quote “pushed Jones with his fist.” Metzgar says she thanks the Pennsylvania State Police and their diligent hard work on this case.

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