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Pittsburgh Steelers Recap

Before we can move on to week ahead let’s do a quick Monday rewind for everything that took place over the weekend

That includes the good, the bad and the ugly which is where we will start

What once was a dream for Kenny Pickett turned into a nightmare fast his first NFL start

However the rookie looked promising, Pickett went 34 of 52, 327 yards, 1 int only thing missing from the stat line are TD’s and the fact that he fought off a Bills defender after a nasty hit to his legs

As Head Coach Mike Tomlin put it Pittsburgh was smashed by Buffalo on Sunday

The Steelers were 14-point underdogs heading into the mathcup they lost by 35 points their worst lost since 1989 the 51-0 debacle to the Browns

A banged up Steelers defense allowed nearly 600 total yards of offense and 5 touchdowns. Josh Allen had almost 400 passing yards in the first half

When asked would the Steelers be open to benching some defensive players and starters here is what Mike Tomlin had to say

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