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Pennsylvania Gas Tax Reform

Pennsylvania has the third highest gas tax in the whole country, and it was only going to increase in the new year, but local state legislators are currently working on a new bill to prevent that.

PA State senator for the 35th district Wayne Langerholc Jr. put forth new legislation that reforms the Pennsylvania gas tax and stops the automatic increase for 2023. Senate Bill 23 would permanently set the average wholesale price of gas at 2.99 per gallon and end future tax increases while Bill 121 would dedicate the revenues from the gas tax to road and bridge safety projects.

“In a time of historic inflation, the last thing Pennsylvania’s hardworking families need is to pay more in fuel and energy prices, We’re going to continue to work on ways to make sure that PennDOT is spending appropriately and we’re going to find other revenue sources to ensure that roads and bridges are funded adequately.”

We asked people in our area what they think about the current gas prices as well as the proposed legislation.

“I think it’s bad on the wallet, bad for everyone in general, Wish it was a little cheaper but it’s the times.”

“I really think it needs to be done, Help everybody out right now. I mean with everything going on between the price increase because of the war, inflation is insane right now, housing prices are through the roof, interest rates are sky high, I mean this is just one other thing that’s on our plates right now.”

The legislation will go in front of the full senate on Wednesday for consideration.

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