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Penns Valley STEAM Night

Penns Valley Elementary and Intermediate school hosting their seventh annual STEAM night tonight.

The event dubbed Full Steam Ahead is a night filled with Science, Technology, and Math teachings to connect parents, teachers, and students along with community members for a night of education and fun.

The activities included testing objects to see if they would sink or float, and insects designed to hide by using camouflage.

There were various hands on activities spread out throughout the school.

“It’s a lot of fun but they’re delving into all kinds of different experiments and arts, we have people from Penn State with arts, And they’re learning about how to put instruments together and acoustics and how that ties into science, it’s really just this overall View of science, technology, and how they can take those things and have fun with them.”

Penns Valley teachers, along with students from CPI and Penn State helped with the set up of tonights event.


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