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Penns Manor Teacher Strike

Students within the Penns Manor School District were home from school again today as teachers continued to strike for a second day.

Mckenzie Jarrell spoke with family members with kids in the district about the strike and has their reactions.

Students within the penns manor school distirct had *another* day off from school Tuesday as the educators continued to strike for a what they call a new and fair contract

“They have been left with no choice other than to start striking as of yesterday because they have been unable to come to an agreement with our school board to finalize a contract.”

Until the educators and the school district can agree on a contract where certain spouses wont be excluded from healthcare plans the educators and students will remain out of the classroom and this has caused a range of emotions
amongst family members with children in the school district

“I’m fine with the strike, I think our kids will be fine.”

“Yeah, I would think you know they ought to try to resolve this as soon as possible.”

Kristen Pegg is the mother of a ninth grader and Dan Janosko is the grandfather of four students in the Penns Manor School District

“We got two of them in fifth grade, one in fourth and one in third.”

Pegg was dropping off donations for the educators Tuesday Afternoon where said she knows a lot of teachers and *disagrees* with the district trying to exclude some spouses from healthcare plans

“I feel like that’s a little bit discrimination. Why just the spouses that work in the public-school district? Any other spouse that has healthcare, they can still stay on with the teachers.”

“At this point in time, after the pandemic that we went through I just think that they deserve everything that they can get and nothing should be taken away from them.”

And even though this strike could postpone the school year longer than intended Pegg says

“IF they have to lose some of their vacation days over easter or go a few days in the summer, its not the end of the world.”

Where Janosko disagrees

“Well they want to go to school. The grandkids want to go to school right now because you know they don’t want to be stuck going summer vacation.”

Janosko says he and his Grandchildren are awaiting the day they can return to the classroom

“Hopefully it’s no more than a week or two, you know.”

We tried calling the district for an update but haven’t heard back.

As of right now there is no word of when the educators and the school board will be meeting again to discuss the new contract.

We received word from the Penns Manor School District that kids will not be in school again, Tomorrow.

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