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Officer Overdose In Cambria County

Officials say a West Hills Police officer’s sudden death was caused by a drug overdose.

Authorities say, West Hills Police Sergeant Michael Beblar died on June 13th from an accidental drug overdose. With the drugs found in his belongings discovered to have been taken from the evidence room at the station.

Officer Michael Beblar’s death due to overdosing on substances is proving to be much bigger than just any case of drug deaths.

In Wednesday’s news conference, the Pennsylvania State Police say their audit of the West Hills Police Department found evidence that was quote “missing, tampered with or destroyed.”

“Though these incidents, we cannot make right, we work to diminish them and make them move forward from here on out, as law enforcement agencies within the commonwealth.”

Cambria County District Attorney, Greg Neugebauer says the 9 active cases being pursued by his office and the west hills department are now compromised because the evidence of drugs is destroyed.

As a result, Neugebauer said it is likely his office will be withdrawing charges on the pending cases.

He says one of those cases is already withdrawn at the magistrate’s level. He also says his office is reaching out to other local police departments in the county, to review evidence collection, storage policies and procedures.

He say they expect these tasks to be a priority in the coming months, from Today.

“Now obviously ethically, I have ethical obligations. My office has ethical obligations, that with evidentiary issues to do what’s right constitutionally, by the defendants that may be affected by it.”

Neugebauer says he cannot force a department to make changes to how they handle evidence, but they make prosecution decisions based on the evidence they have, and that law enforcement is a team effort.

Authorities say the case is still open and the investigation will continue but no criminal charges are expected.

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