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Northstar School District Meeting

In Somerset County, the North Star School District coming together to talk about the emergency situation at the high school last week, sending dozens of students to the hospital.

Multiple parents and students were at the meeting voicing their frustrations about how the situation was handled.

This comes after authorities saying the school is considered to be safe after an investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency.

No dangerous chemicals or gasses were found in the school after numerous tests.

Parents say their biggest fear is the school district not being transparent about the situation.

“Parents are very frustrated because we’re unsure that are kids are safe, if the building is safe. Even though we’re told that the air quality is ok you know were still unsure of the cause of it so could it happen again?
And with the lack of accountability and the fact that we feel like we were lied to about it and things were covered up um you know we’re all very apprehensive.”

The school district will continue to work with local and federal authorities in an investigation to find out what caused Thursdays medical emergencies.

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