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New Details in Arson/Murder Case

Police say an Altoona woman who described herself as a “Witch and an Egyptian Goddess” faces multiple charges including Murder and Arson for her role in a fire last February that killed a man and injured several Firefighters. Charging documents we obtained Wednesday revealing strange new details surrounding the case.

Investigators say Heather Evans of Blair County was charged on Tuesday and not just for this fatal fire which she denied having anything to do with, but two more fires that she also allegedly set last year. It was the day after Valentines Day last year when Heather Evans of Blair County set a fire to an Altoona home. Investigators say 75-year-old Mark Stewart died of smoke inhalation caused by the fire at the home on East Fifth Avenue and multiple Firefighters that were responding to the scene also suffered injuries

Days after the initial fire on February 15th, Authorities say they continued to pursue Evans as the suspect after she was accused of setting two more fires. Police say one of the fires was set to a chicken coop belonging to one of Evans’ ex-lovers. While Police were investigating the chicken coop, they say they discovered a handwritten note believed to be left by Evans. Days later, Police also found similar notes at a garage fire that Authorities believe Evans set using some sort of petroleum based chemical. In Police questioning, they say Evans admitted to setting the chicken coop ablaze and claims drawings and notes found during their original investigation were quote: “Part of her being a White Witch.”

According to Police, Evans also admitted to being addicted to Meth which causes her to quote: “Believe that she is the Egyptian Goddess Isis.” Evans also allegedly admitted she quote: “loses track of time” when she uses drugs.

Based on Evans statements and her digital footprint, Police say they determined she intentionally set the blaze. Evans is currently being held at the Blair County Prison without Bail. Her Preliminary Hearing is scheduled for February 22nd.

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