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Missing Pet Cases On The Rise

Missing pets and animal cases on the rise in our region.

This according to multiple residents, including people searching for a dog named Milo, in Cambria county.

Chad and Paula Albert of Westmont, say Milo is a timid adopted shelter dog. They tell me Milo may have grown longer fur, as time passes without people seeing him.

They say he was hit by a car on April 26th, while running from them at the intersection of Goucher street, and the extension of Luzerne street intersection, in Elim.

The Alberts say the sightings reported of Milo give them hope, and say the immediate reporting is essential to finding lost animals effectively.

They tell me they pay closer attention when they see a random animal, such as a dog or cat, walking alone in the area.

The Alberts say they have received an outpouring of help from police and area residents, and say they hope this awareness will help other stray animals reunite with their owners.

As of April 2nd, Milo has not been reunited with his owners yet, and is still astray. The Alberts say if you see Milo, immediately call them, and not approach the dog, or call to it.

They gave me their number to share: 814-341-8477.

They also encourage people to call the west hills police department, at 814-255-4145.

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