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Local Reaction On Trump Indictment

Opinions around the country are divided about the arrest of the former President.

We talked to people in the Johnstown area about their reaction to the arraignment and the two people we talked to in Central Park showed exactly how divisive this topic is.

“It’s just wrong all the way around,”

“I think he should have been indicted a long time ago.”

Generally, opinions on the matter run along party lines.

The Republican Chairperson in Cambria County Jackie Kolbak saying the proceedings are not based on the law.

“The alleged 2016 campaign finance violation statute of limitation expired 5 years ago. Using twisted legal logic, the New York District Attorney is trying to create a felony where one doesn’t exist.”

And Lingenfelter agrees.

“The global party is trying to put him in jail and personally if you want to look at jail time, you got to look at Hillary and Obama for all the crimes they did, Look at Obama, he wrote executive orders against the will of the people. He’s not the only that did any kind of wrongdoing here.”

But Reviere disagrees.

“He was corrupt like he, he, I can’t even begin to explain the things that he was corrupt about, The things that he say are totally, to me, there stupid and I don’t understand why anyone would follow anything that he says.”

Kolbak says she would like to see her party move on.

“We want to be supportive of the former President, but I recognize that we need to move forward with a different messenger in 2024.”

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