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Local Combat Gym’s Stayed Open During Tuesdays Storm

Fox 8 has been all over the snow storm coverage over the last few days telling you about closures in our area

But tonight Jared Parker tells us about the gyms that have braved the storm and decided to stay open

Most day Combat Sports athletes focus on fighting their opponents but with the snow that Tuesday’s snow brought in mother nature became the third contestant in the ring

“Every day is a fight in life.”

Tuesday’s snow forced the cancellation of many sporting events and with schools closing the after school activities went with them

But for Kastle Boxing and Flood City Jiu Jitsu the snow was just another opponent to be defeated

Both gyms considered staying closed but they said the students actually were a big influence in keeping the doors open

“Those days, that’s what parents want and kids want and people want. They want to get out. So as soon as the weather clears, if it’s clear enough they want to get out, they want to do something. They want to be active, don’t want to waste a day any further. So we it’s important to us to be there for them if we can be.”

“My thought process was at first, no one’s going to be here, but everyone started contact me. So they still want to train tonight. So, you know, we did. And like I said, Tuesday is always our biggest class. And it was just as big as it was last week.”

Kastle Boxing’s Brock Kull says that opening the gym up is a great avenue for kids who were stuck at home all day because of snow

“A lot of times we’ll have a lot more kids show up because the parents are either trying to get a break or the kids just need somewhere to blow off some steam.”

Although fighters can be known to throw caution to the wind both gyms told me the thought of safety was still front and center before keeping the doors open

“We want everybody to train. We want to keep training. But safety, no matter what in the ring or out of the ring, is always priority. That’s number one. So we watch everything closely just to make sure we’re making the right decision.”

John Miller says Jiu Jitsu is a sport where you have obstacles thrown at you bad weather falls into that bunch

“Being able to overcome adversities like the weather, you know, focus, get on the road and just do it”

Miller continued telling me that when you have people saying they want to train how could he say no

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