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Local Business Owner Trying To Bring Back Motorcycle Rally

In Cambria County after 25 years the main organizer of one of Johnstown’s biggest events Thunder In The Valley stepped down

The move left the future of the event up in the air.

But now a local business owner is working to put on a similar event

After a quarter of a century Visit Johnstown made the decision to step away from Johnstown’s beloved motorcycle rally Thunder In The Valley

“Right now were trying to put a grass roots effort together to form another rally, another event in town. It’s not going to be like thunder in the valley, were going to make it a smaller scale. Sort of like it was 25 years ago.”

This is Patrick Martella not only the owner and manager of Stadium Pub and Grille but the man behind the idea to create a similar event

“The people from visit Johnstown have done a great job in the last 25 years putting that together and its no small task and you know we know within 5 month nothing we do is going to compare to what they’ve done.”

“It’ll be under a different name; it’ll be rumble through the valley.”

“Thunder in the valley is still a trademark of visit Johnstown.”

Martella says he knows how special Thunder In The Valley was, not only to bikers, but the Johnstown community overall.

“Bring the bikes in, fill up the hotels, fill up the bars, fill up the restaurants fill up the boutiques that we have downtown. I think a lot of people don’t realize the business are downtown so to bring that batch of new people in, open up the city.”

Martella says he has never put on an event like this before and is in need of local help

“Were looking at doing it in a small scale and hopefully build up from there.

“But I think we can bring something into this town that people want and not to say they didn’t wasn’t thunder in the valley, its been one of the largest events in this county for years and with that not being here were looking for something to put in its place.”

Over time Martella says he would love to see Rumble In The Valley grow similar to how Thunder In The Valley did

“I have some bike enthusiast from Erie, Chambersburg, Cumberland that are looking to come in. they say they’ll give us a shot. So, we want to make sure it’s a good shot to have.”

“Were hoping 25 years from now somebody else is looking at a camera saying we made it 25 years. I’ll be happy just getting through the first year and seeing grow from there, seeing the response that we have.”

“One thing I can always say is, I’m trying. I’m trying to do something.”

Martella says he’s looking for any groups willing to step up and help.

He also says Rumble In The Valley would take place the same weekend as Thunder In The Valley normally would this year that’s June 20th through the 23rd

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