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Liver Transplant Benefit

A special concert is going to be held to benefit Mark Morningstar’s ongoing organ transplant recovery expenses, and to promote organ donor awareness.

The concert will be at the Saint James Evangelical Lutheran Church, in Huntingdon.

Morningstar is a beloved community member, who had an impression on generations of musicians within the Huntingdon School District.

Several acts will preform, including the Singing Group, Take Note and the living liver donor to Morningstar, Shawn Campopiano.

Admission is free, but organizers are asking for charitable donations.

“When you are involved in music, you’re a kindred spirit. And so, because Mark was very much involved in music himself, we wanted to not just help contribute, but we wanted to celebrate his victory of this.”

“Somewhere along the line my actions had made a difference in peoples’ lives”

“Not really thinking about that, as I was going through the years teaching; but it has proven to be beneficial for me, I guess, to say the least.”

Morningstar, says his goal is to become an Ambassador for organ transplant education and awareness, and to help others who will face the same situation that he has.

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