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Lawsuit Filed Against Cambria County Car Dealer

Officials with the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General say a lawsuit has been filed against a Cambria County car dealer for illegally selling used cars through Facebook Marketplace.

Investigators say David Gaida, who reportedly operated under the name “Dave’s Auto Sales,” was allegedly not licensed to sell vehicles.

Officials say anyone who sells at least five vehicles in a single calendar year is required to follow specific dealership guidelines, which Gaida reportedly did not do.

The lawsuit also alleges that Gaida sold the vehicles as “roadworthy,” but investigators claim that many of them required extensive repairs and did not have valid titles.

“This man purported himself to be a trustworthy car dealer and broke consumers’ confidence in buying a reliable used vehicle, People and families depend on their cars to get them to work and vital appointments. These consumers were swindled into buying broken cars or cars that did not even have legitimate titles.”

Officials are asking the court to order Gaida to pay restitution to his customers, as well as various penalties and fees, and that he be prohibited from selling vehicles in the state of Pennsylvania.

Consumers who believe they or someone they know may have been a victim of Dave’s Auto Sales and/or David Gaida can file a complaint with the AG’s office.

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