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Laurel Highlands Veterans Memorial Vandalized

Laurel Highlands Veterans Memorial was vandalized last week when damages to benches, planters and military markers were discovered with about $1,000 worth of damages, according to Laurel Highlands Veterans Memorial Executive Director Ron Shawley.

In place for a number of years, the memorial honors all veterans and is dedicated to those who died serving the United States.

“I would love for people to stop vandalizing, spraying graffiti and defacing veterans memorials, including ours, But, particularly here, I would love to see these people be held accountable for what they have done, because there was no call for it.”

Expressing frustration with past incidents, he also says that it seems that every year individuals go out of their way to destroy property at the memorial.

Laurel Highlands Historical Village will be accepting donations to cover the cost of repairs and replacements.

Donations can be sent to 172 Allbaugh Park Road in Johnstown, with checks made payable to Laurel Highlands Historical Village.


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