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Johnstown Stand Down

The Veteran’s Leadership program organized their 1st annual Johnstown stand down at the conference center on Saturday.

More than 25 local volunteers gathered at the center to provide resources to veterans and give out free food, clothing, and supplies.

Organizers highlight that there may be resources that veterans are not even aware that they’re eligible for such as programs through the VA or through non-profits that provide things like help with social security applications or even home modifications.

“The community has really come together today to make sure that the veterans have all of our arms wrapped around them and that they feel supported and that we’re going to move forward and just continue to be there to support them,”

Some veterans even made a point that the reality for veterans is different across generations.

If you would like to support the Veterans Leadership program you can go on their website, email them at , or give them a call at 884-VLP-VETS .

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