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Johnstown School District Superintendent Receives Award

And an administrator at a school district in Cambria County receiving an award tonight at a school board meeting.

Greater Johnstown Superintendent, Dr. Amy Arcurio got an award for her rule in the fair funding trial with Pennsylvania.

It was from the American Association of University Women’s Johnstown branch.

Arcurio says this is an award for all of Pennsylvania’s children as educators look to ensure equity across the state.

She also says any student in the any zip code must have access to an education.

“I really want to make sure that everybody understands that even though I was the face for the trial as a plaintiff school district, there were so many people, people that came before me in the superintendent’s seat and
people behind the scenes that really worked tirelessly for 7 years to prepare this case and take it to trials.”

The American Association of University Women’s Johnstown branch recognizes equality in public education.

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