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Johnstown McDonalds Job Fair

The marketing consultant, Qualfon announced late last month that they are going to be laying off roughly 206 employees by March 24th. This comes 1 year after the Michigan based company said they would be adding over 400 employees.

People who wish to remain anonymous, tell me that they “could see it coming long before” the announcement was made. They say that they are dissatisfied with the decision, and allege layoffs would happen “for the smallest of reasons.”

Meanwhile, other employers, like McDonald’s, say they are taking advantage of the situation. I am told that former Qualfon employees have already stopped by for applications.

“It’s heartbreaking to imagine the worries these folks are enduring. That’s why we decided to take quick action to help them earn paychecks ASAP. We can mutually help each other. Get some people some jobs. Get some staffing, so it will be really good for everybody.”

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