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Johnstown Inclined Plane Will Not Open This Year

Another delay is coming for a potential reopening of the Johnstown Inclined Plane according to the Cambria County Transit Authority.

Camtran says after an investigation from engineers it was found that a part that was made for the Inclined Plane was made incorrectly and they say now the opening will be delayed again this year.

It was Summer of 2021 when the Johnstown Inclined Plane closed for renovations that officials had planned to take about two years.

In January a concerning issue with the movement of the cars stopped construction.

Camtran says, Conroy Engineering looked into the issue discovering errors in the rims of the sheave wheels from when they were made.

The parts will have to be remade according to authorities playing a large part into the decision to not open the inclined plane this year.

Cambria Regional Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Amy Bradley says there is disappointment that the Inclined Plane reopening will be delayed again

But says she hopes the community can stay patient while officials work to bring the Johnstown Landmark back.

“Obviously the inclined plane is an important part of our community, it’s not like this is something that every community has and the parts are readily available.”

Camtran officials have not yet announced a new reopening date.


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