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Johnstown Expressway Road Work To Begin

A major Johnstown-area road project will soon be underway.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is warning local drivers about upcoming road work..

Officials say drivers can expect to see road delays and construction starting next week.

PennDOT officials tell us that roadwork will begin throughout Route 56, starting April 8. They say it is part of a new rehabilitation and restoration project throughout Johnstown, as well as Richland and Stoneycreek townships.

They say the project is scheduled for 2 years and costs more than 14 million dollars. Officials say the changes include roadway rehabilitation, replacement of drainage systems and guide-rails, and updating four overpass structures along the route.

They say after next week, drivers will start to see road closures and delays.

PennDOT District 9 Transportation Community Relations Coordinator Jay Knarr says long-term lane closures on Route 56 will occur on April 15 in both East and Westbound lanes.

The closures will be located in areas from 219 to Widman Street. He says motorists can expect up to 15-minute traffic delays.

Officials say information about potential detours will be available in May.


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