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Johnstown Airport State Of Aviation

Johnstown Airport Officials said the last two months have been the best two months they’ve had in the last 20 years.

Today local, state, and federal officials gathered at the John Murtha Airport in Johnstown to talk about the state of aviation in Pennsylvania.

Representatives of the Johnstown Airport said their future looks bright.

“The Johnstown Airport over the last several years has done more in development than it has in decades, We have industrial development going on. We have hangers that we’re building. We are planning for the future unlike ever before. We have plans for expanded parking, we have plans for additional airlines. In addition to that we have plans to grow the airport by bringing aviation related business here.”

Authorities say they have an express line to two airports that have hundreds of locations they fly to.

“We have SkyWest airlines offering 50 seat jet service to both Chicago O’Hare and Dulles Washington D.C. and the community is really embracing it both for leisure travel and for business travel.”

Officials say a flight can be in Washington D.C. in about 20 minutes and Chicago in about an hour.

“It’s a very efficient service and people are catching onto it, Our biggest obstacle has been getting the word out to people in our area.”

Officials highlight the importance of having a strong airport locally.

“As strong as this airport is it helps the community. It helps Richland township businesses. It helps the city of Johnstown. And if it brings more jobs to this region, then it is just a continual offshoot to help our region.”

And the growth is significant for the Johnstown airport.

Airport authority says so far, the feedback they’ve received on the flight experience in and out of Johnstown has been very positive.

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